A Husband and Wives Picnic

Food | Posted by Portrush
May 09 2014

My wife and I went for a picnic down at the river side yesterday morning and had an interesting time. After sitting in the grass for twenty minutes or so, another couple came up behind us and unpacked their belongings. After listening in on their conversations for a bit, we came to realize that the woman worked for Surrey escorts. My wife and I have been married 30 years and we have seen and heard a lot about individuals paying for dates. To us it is unethical, but to others I guess it is away to rid loneliness and sadness from their lives. Of course we did not mind the couple being there, we actually introduced ourselves before leaving the park. Both seemed very nice and respectful, which is seemingly rare now a days.

Looking For A Fun Night

Hobbies | Posted by Portrush
May 02 2014

I was wanting to out for a fun night and I decided to book a date with one of my Birmingham escorts companions that I enjoy being around. She was available and she requested that I meet her at a local bar, I was fine with it.

When I arrived she was waiting for me in the parking lot looking beautiful as always, I greeted her with a kiss on the check. We went in the bar and got a bite to eat, the food was not the greatest. I ordered us several mixed drinks, so many I lost count.

Later, we left the bar and hit a club to do some dancing to our favorite music. They had so many bright strobe lights going, it was crazy! After a couple of hours, I was tired and ready to go home and go to bed.

Take Me Back

Happiness | Posted by Portrush
Apr 20 2014

I am not looking forward to this week at work. Some new guy that used to work for Mansfield escort agency is starting and I am the one to train him. For some reason I do not view a man as a man if he has done that type of job. Dating to me is not worthy of a paycheck. It is beyond ridiculous in my book. I know I shouldn’t put down men for it and not women, but men are supposed to be strong and masculine, not soft and social. Women on the other hand are supposed to be that way. They are delicate and there for have rights to acting exactly that way. Maybe one day we will all go back to the old days where men were the sole providers and worked using their hands.

Night At The Club

Lifestyle | Posted by Portrush
Apr 12 2014

When I was living on campus at college trying to earn my degree I did not have much time for a boyfriend or a relationship. It seems like I was either sitting in class all day, doing homework in the library or sleeping in my dorm. I went out with a couple of my roommates on a Friday night and we ending up going to a club.

I had a great time of dancing for hours and we had drank plenty before we even made it there, I was having a blast! I met a good looking man that new how to dance great and at the end of the night he offered to give me a ride home, I accepted. That night I ended up staying at his apartment and he has been my fuck buddy ever since, I love friends with benefits.

My Fatherly Duties

Parenting | Posted by Portrush
Apr 04 2014

Bringing home money is my job in the house as my wife stays at home with our three kids who are under the age of 6. To me her job is harder than mine because there is no way I could ever handle those three alone. They are the most amazing kids but like all children, they know exactly how to push their fathers buttons. I enjoy being able to come home after a long day and having the kids happy to see me. If I didn’t work I’m sure the welcoming wouldn’t be as sweet as what it is now. My guy friend who works at fetish escorts London used to stay at home with his two kids while his wife worked, and he said his kids completely turned on him. He had all the mom duties, therefore he had to deal with all the attitudes and full on tantrums. When your a dad, that is just not something you want to do.

Finally Paid Back My Student Loans

Relationships | Posted by Portrush
Mar 27 2014

When I got out of college after committing to a four year philosophy degree I realized two things, my degree was not going to help me and that I was in a huge pile of debt. I had no idea what to do, at least I still had my looks. That was it! I did still have my looks. After speaking with a few friends I found my way to Manchester escort agency. They helped me to find my grounding in the escort business. I was incredibly cautious about it at first because of the stigma the industry receives, but it turned out to be great! I was able to make back the money I owed in student loans, plus enough to live a luxurious lifestyle. I am so glad I got past my reservations and joined the escort business.

Harmless fun? Yeah right…

Happiness | Posted by Portrush
Feb 28 2014

Everyone entered an adult dating site for fuck local at least once, whether it was to find someone, have a bit of fun or just look around. However, a quick glance can make you curious and then the next obvious step is to set up a profile, browse for people and finally set up a meeting. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine who accidentally ended up with a date. Luckily for him, the site allowed setting up accounts without entering too much information and adding a picture so the guy thought he could have a little fun without anyone knowing anything about his little escapade. Unluckily for him, so did his girlfriend. Do I need to say that the date was a complete disaster that turned into a great fight afterwards? Talk about bad luck and unfortunate coincidences…

Slipped The Driver My Business Card

Business | Posted by Portrush
Feb 25 2014

When I got my paycheck I had planned on going and purchasing some new furniture. My couch was old and smelly from my dog sleeping on it while I am at work. This time I plan on buying a couch cover that is washable so that she can’t stink it up anymore. My recliner was broken and would not even recline back anymore so that was the first one to go directly out to the garbage! The love seat was in fair condition and I gave that to my neighbors because I wanted everything to match.

I looked in the paper and found a great sale on the perfect set and the color that I was interested in. My salesperson was great and found a way to get me another discount. The delivery driver was very flirty with me as he was carrying in my new furniture. I let him know that I am a Singapore escorts companion and I slipped him my business card.